Our meeting starts at 6:30pm sharp. Please give yourself enough time to get here on time. The underground garage and lobby close at 7pm.

Our meeting place is within walking distance from Mountain View CalTrain Station. The address is 800 West El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA.
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It has a huge underground parking garage that is entered from High School Way.
Finding the conference room is easy :

1. The beautiful 4-story building is exactly at the intersection of Castro Street and El Camino Real. The parking structure is entered from High School Way.
2. If you come from El Camino Real, turn into Castro Street.
3. Drive one short block, turn left into High School Way.
4. Immediately turn left into the parking lot.
5. Park on the surface parking lot or go to the top right hand corner to enter the huge underground garage. Of course, you can also park on the street.
6. Go to the third floor. When you walk out of an elevator, turn left, walk several steps, and turn left again to enter Ooyala. If the door is locked, you can ring the door bell which is beside the badge reader. Zamba conference room is next to Ooyala lobby.